icexSpanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX)

ICEX offers its international visitors a wide range of services via the Investor Portals, which are available in different languages and listed by sector allowing you to discover information about Spain, its products, its companies and how to invest in our country.


Valencian Institute for Foreign Trade (IVEX)

Is the Valencia Regional Government entity responsible for the internationalisation of the business fabric of our region.


International Council of Toy Industries

This council brings together toy associations from around the world to discuss and adopt a common position on the differentissues that affect the sector. It has created the ICTI Code of Business Practices, which guarantees the work conditions in the factories.


toy Industries of Europe

TIE is an action group whose aim is to promote the psychological and physical value of toys and games during children´s development in society. It is the representative voice of the toy industry to EU stakeholders, conveying them the concerns of the toy industry in issues like advertising and marketing, intellectual property rights, international trade and rules on toy satefy. TIE supports the main objective of the EU for the consecution of a single European market.



The toy industry’s ethical manufacturing program aimed at ensuring safe and humane workplace environments for toy factory workers worldwide. To achieve these goals, we provide education, training and a single, fair, thorough and consistent monitoring program for toy factories.