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CLAUDIO REIG, S.L. is a company specialized in musical toys, with a wide range of musical products. The company started work in 1934 as a craftsman along with four friends, producing voices for dolls which they supplied to the first factories in the village of Onil, the Spanish center where the first crying and baby dolls were created. Due to his keen interest in music, the company started producing toy harmonicas with 8 and 12 notes, reaching a range of 80 notes and perfect tuning after years of work improvements, crank driven music boxes and wooden toy pianos. In the following years, the company began producing a series of musical toys such as pianos, toy zithers, guitars, trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, xylophones and hand organs. Nowadays, the wide range of products of the company includes the following ones:

  • PERCUSSION: bass drums, drums, kettledrum, and drums sets.
  • GUITARS: different kind of guitars (colours and sizes)
  • ELECTRONICS: keyboards, drums sets, microphones and amplifiers.
  • INSTRUMENTS: Saxophones, trumpets, cymbals, etc. All of them are made of plastic (different colors), smart metallic finished, and the possibility of obtaining four and eight note